dibawakan pada suatu acara lomba:
Dear ladies and gentlemen
Dear brothers and sisters
All my beloved audience, and
Particularly honorable board of jury

Assalamu Alaikum Wr Wb.

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful praises be to Allah SWT. The lord of the world, the master of the day after, the master of the universe and has no partner.

Peace and salutation to the great messenger, to the most honorable prophet Muhammad SAW. And his house holds, his companions, and his faithful followers who strive in Allah’s religion, Islam. In deed it is a very good pleasure for me in this precious change to deliver my speech to the most honorable ladies and gentlemen entitled:
When we talk about youngsters, we often find in many articles, in newspapers, magazines and we ourselves even witness the great role of youth participation in developing, favoring, and supporting the development of nation. They are the hope of nation who will carry out the struggle for sake of brighter future of the country. Similarly, they are at the same time, the hope of Islam religion, the hope of the world who strive for the sake of peace in the next, keep the world from the war, who will be leaders for the next. It was yelled as : “Stop the war or we well go to hell”
Ladies and gentlemen!
This statement encourages us to pay attention to the world, moreover in this globalization era. The youth supposedly symbolize the force that never become weak quickly. For this reason, the former president of Indonesia Soekarno has once said : “Give me ten youths would shake the world” . for this statement we can sum up that soekarno appreciated the young people more than the old. Why? Because they play significant roles and have great potency and great energy that can be pridded. If the war is still happening it will give a bad in fact to all country in the world. So the world trade in globalization era will be stagnant.
Dear Moslem generation!
Therefore, as Moslem young generations, we have to proclaim peace in order the riot stop. But before doing it, we should be a good sample.
Ladies and gentlemen!
Ironically, in this sophisticated era we witness the conducts of young people are always againts the Islamic laws and the rules of the country. We pay attention and will be more sad if we see our Moslem brother either in our country or in overseas country behave badly and they intentionally. Avoiding Islamic teaching to follow western culture. We can’t imagine and describe what is going to happen in the next time if all the young are careless in this responsibility. We have to be aware that the responsibility of proclaiming peace in the world moreover in this globalization era depends on us. By those considerations we should be very cautious with any destructive western culture that can give negative influence to us.
Ladies and gentlemen!
The last but no the least, I would like you to prepare our generation in order to be able to replace the old in the future. And I hope you and all Moslem brothers wherever they are to abstain from bad action and furthermore we have to develop our skill and potency to reach brightes future. I also hope you to proclaim peace by saying stop war!.
I think it’s time for me to finish this speech begging your pardon. Finally I say ………….
Wassalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb.

by: Ahmad Mursyid_085255397100

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